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Part 3: West Hartford Residents Share their Fitness Journey

Tom with trainer/owner of Akua Ba Fitness, D’Mario. Submitted photo

Shevon and Tom Hickey look at their new workout routine at Akua Ba Fitness in West Hartford as holistic fitness for the mind, body, and spirit and say that good communication with your trainer is a key component to a successful fitness journey. 

By Tom Hickey

Tom with trainer/owner of Akua Ba Fitness, D’Mario. Submitted photo

Tom with trainer/owner of Akua Ba Fitness, D’Mario Sowah. Submitted photo

I like to refer to this fitness routine as “a journey”  because I feel strongly that if I don’t treat it that way, and commit to it, then I won’t like the results. Like so many of us I have had many reasons over the past few months to not continue or cancel a training session, but I am committed to not break my stride.

Even with health-related excuses or concerns, I remained committed to my journey with my trainer D’Mario. The key is to communicate with your trainer so they know what is happening medically with you and and adjust the program accordingly.

In previous columns, I’ve mentioned that at my initial assessment I shared detailed medication information with D’Mario and that I had a goal to reduce my medication dosages or maybe even eliminate medication all together.

Full disclosure: ever since I turned 30 I have been taking a baby aspirin daily due to my family history of heart issues. By age 40 my doctor added a small dose of high blood pressure medicine and the dosage was increased when I turned 50.

So yes, it would be easy to sit on the couch and give in and blame this dependence on pills on my family history, but with D’Mario’s help, we are trying to get me off the medicine. And now, after six months of consistent, monitored exercise, I am ready to consult with my doctors to see if I can reduce anything.

Personally I don’t think I will ever get off of the medication 100 percent. I understand that heredity plays a part that I can’t escape, but I feel great that I have seen changes unlike any other efforts I’ve made over the years.   

Let me remind you, it is a rigorous workout on a regular basis that makes the difference, and everyone is different, so consult your healthcare provider(s). D’Mario can meet you and help you through the “health history” part of the intake process.

I have enhanced my workout sessions by adding classes to my schedule. I started with spinning and then moved on to a class called “Pot Belly.”

D’Mario makes me work for my results. I’m feeling and seeing them already. Don’t be shy about starting a program, don’t be nervous about the regimen – everything is custom made just for you, your body and your own individual goals. If you can’t keep up with the class you just take a moment to catch your breath.

By the way, it doesn’t matter if I could keep up all of the time … I still show up and do my best!

D’Mario and I would like to invite ALL of our readers to contact Akua Ba today, mention this column and get two free initial consultations.  Trust me –  you’ll be happy you did.

Please be sure to say “hello” when you go! See you at Akua Ba!

Akua Ba Fitness can be reached at 860-967-0561 or customerservice@akuabafitness.com. They are located at 121 Talcott Rd., West Hartford, CT 06110

The new custom-designed facility is more than 10,000 square feet and boasts state-of-the-art equipment, locker rooms with showers, and the proprietary Area 51 Obstacle Course.


This column was originally published in West Hartford Magazine, Issue No. 5, 2015. Subscribe to West Hartford Magazine at www.we-ha.com/subscribe.

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