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The Fountain of Youth in West Hartford?

Dr. Allie Mendelson leads a workshop at Essential Health on Park Road. Photo Credit: Joy Taylor

How are people around the world living healthy lives into their 90s and older? Dr. Allie Mendelson will explore this topic on Oct. 5

By Joy Taylor

Most of us know that the foundation of a healthy life is in the food we eat, and the smart lifestyle choices we make, combined with proper exercise and rest.

What many don’t know is just as important to our longevity as the above includes mindset, self care, and in some cases not eating, or intermittent fasting (as recommended by your healthcare practitioner).

At her upcoming workshop “Health & Longevity,” Dr. Allie Mendelson, chiropractor and health coach, will share her virtual “thesis” on longevity, health tips, and even some so-called bio-hacks that may lead to longer, happier, and healthier lives.

The free class will be held on Oct. 5 at 12 noon at 74 Park Rd., West Hartford. Register here.

“Patients will sometimes assume I’m a vegetarian by looking at me. I guess I fit the stereotype,” Dr. Allie chuckles. “They are often surprised to hear that extremely healthy people — all over the globe — are meat eaters.”

The key, to state the obvious, is to be sure you are eating well and don’t over eat. In fact, quality and moderation are so important to Dr. Allie and her husband, co-owner of Essential Health Dave Mendelson, that they sell local and Mid-West organic, grass-fed (and grass finished) meats, and Dr. Allie offers health consultations to review diet and lifestyle with patients – and Essential Health has the perfect space for workshops and classes.

“Our business model works because my wife’s chiropractic business is co-located with the grass-fed meats, natural foods, and healthy supplements we thoughtfully source and sell,” according to Dave Mendelson. Added to those services is a full schedule of workshops, yoga classes, massage, and an infrared sauna by appointment.

Attendees will certainly learn some interesting longevity tips and stories, including the so-called “blue zones” around the globe where residents thrive and stay healthy for a long time.

See more at essentialhealthct.com.

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