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  • Personally, I don’t like either. The left one is a bunch of letters that mean nothing to outsiders and which are just a weird combination of colored blocks and fonts. The one with the town hall reads a bit vague…could be a church. With all the talent out there, this is what we have as options?

  • The logo should be a huge pit in the ground — with stacks of money flying in and disgruntled residents holding up their hands like they are being held hostage by out of control taxing and spending. This logo would provide real transparency with what is going on. I actually have another idea for a logo but it might “offend”, so I’ll go with my first idea here.

  • What a waste of hard working towns people’s money. this is what wrong today we have talented

    residents and all the art classes in our school system that should have had input in this logo the first could have been done in elementary school in 10 minutes and done a better job. get smart people. town resident and taxpayer for over 55 years

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