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Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 and the Economy

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To the Editor:

Retirees have a responsibility like everyone else to help get the job market increasing. Ask yourself, what can you do to help stimulate the economy during the COVID-19 crisis?

So here are my suggestions. Within the four walls of your abode, isn’t there a project you should have done years ago? Like what? (1) For one, trees in the yard need pruning or have to be taken down. Hire a contractor. His/her workers can certainly use the money. (2) Get the house painted. How long has it been since the four walls have seen a fresh layer of paint. Again, hire a contractor. (3) Electric issues abound. Get an electrician to check out your sump pump and replace it before it’s too late. Hire a certified electrician. (4) Fix leaks and replace old leaky fixtures. Leaky pipes waste water. Hire a plumbing contractor. (5) Clean out the attic and basement of stuff you don’t need or want. Hire a reputable contractor. (6) My small wooden deck is on its last legs. (No pun intended.) Get a carpenter to replace it like I just did. (7) Tired of the same meals from a can. Many restaurants are open and they’d love for you to order take-out.

Those are just a few ideas. Sit down and draw up a list of to-do projects and help put money in the pockets of our fellow citizens.

Stuart Mahler, Chair
CSEA Retiree LAC

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